Laurie Gozlan

“It's just time for them to grow up, then they'll be better!” ", this sentence, which is intended to be reassuring, sounds like the end of a sentence, doesn't it?

There are 4 implications here that I don't like, and which are the perfect recipe for preparing a good burn-out:

🔥Parenthood is a sentence
🔥Parenthood is necessarily suffering
🔥Parenthood is not a source of well-being
🔥Parenthood is admirable if it is sacrificial

While this may be true in certain contexts, it only reflects part of reality, and it may be interesting to change the prism through which we look at it (often borrowed from generational practices and beliefs) in order to allow ourselves to make fulfilling decisions for yourself and your family.

🫱You have the right, and even the duty, to choose what type of parenthood you want to experience.

🤥In addition, I would like to point out that this sentence “it will be better when they grow up” is a huge lie!

If there are parents of teenagers here, you can comment in the comments ;)

Of course, being a parent isn't always easy. Of course, everything passes. And when they grow up, it will be different difficulties. But parenting doesn't have to be painful, and certainly shouldn't become daily torture.

The first step is to accept that parenting can mean fulfillment.

Comment “fulfilled parent” if you want a post that gives you some ingredients for gentler parenting.

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