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HELLO BIG BROTHER / BIG SISTER + free games to download

HELLO BIG BROTHER / BIG SISTER + free games to download

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Becoming a big brother or sister is an immense privilege, which like all great developments, involves big changes.

The personalized book “HELLO BIG BROTHER – BIG SISTER” accompanies your child in this new adventure, takes their emotions into account and involves them thanks to the characters to move.

It's a book full of surprises, which prepares step by step and encourages the future big brother or sister to invest in this new relationship with baby.

The book contains:

- 12 hardback pages

- 5 characters to move

- 2 sheets of alphabet stickers to write baby's first name

- a box to assemble and decorate to prepare a gift for baby

In addition to the book which will be sent to your home quickly, you will receive free DOWNLOAD GAMES by email to prepare your little one even better for the baby's arrival.

In this email you will find:

- A calendar to count the months before the birth

- A big brother/big sister certificate to be given at birth from the baby

- A best big brother/sister badge

- A book of big brother/big sister vouchers to allow him to benefit from the privileges offered by his new title!

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