It's not at all about making your child a mini adult before his time.

It's also not a question of teaching him to do things alone in order to have more peace (although that can help sometimes, let's be honest).

It is about, through learning autonomous everyday gestures, providing your child with the opportunity to:

💪Strengthen your brain by doing the same gestures over and over and learning gestures that are sometimes a little complex

💪Surpass yourself and overcome your fears

💪Become confident in yourself and your abilities

💪Develop your curiosity and creativity

💪Spend a pleasant moment of exchange with you when you teach him these gestures

And yes, empowering your child a little also helps you as a parent, without making you a lazy person, because this:

💪Increase your child's motivation

💪Reduces tantrums, fights and repeating the same things a million times

💪Increases free time to spend quality time with family

💪Improves the mood at home, reduces stress for parents and children

So, no reason not to do it! You just need to do it with the right motivations (not to avoid your adult responsibilities), and to the right extent so as not to fall into over-demanding performance.

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