“No matter what you do, I will always love you more than anything, even if you set the house on fire. But, I strongly advise you not to set the house on fire!”

The famous Alexandre Jollien said he said that to his children, and it's exactly what a child needs to hear.

🙌 I love you unconditionally, but here are the limits to respect in our family!

😈 Sometimes, whether justified or not, your child will let you know in the worst way that they feel “far away” from you, or that they “need more” right now.

💡The magic moment will work, because it will show your child that you have heard their manifestation, and that their need for attention can be positively met.

No need to organize the magical moment all year round, but rather by period, depending on the needs of each child.

When you feel that your rascal is going into a tailspin, hop, make some magical moments over two or three months, and you'll see... whatever the situation, it's magical!

And the limits?

Once you feel your child is calmer and his attention tank is full, explain to him why his behavior is not acceptable. Tell him that you understood that he needed you and that you are there, and that whatever happens, you will always love him... but that in your family, this does not happen and can give rise to problems. consequences.

🪄 You will see that bad behavior usually stops on its own after a while! Poof, gone!

🙋🏼‍♀️ From my personal experience, the magical moment brought my daughter out of selective mutism and worked on my son at a time when he was very aggressive. So this is real, tested advice!

🚨If you want a post on how to set clear limits for your child, comment LIMITS!

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