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Toy Storage Labels

Why is it important to have organized storage for toys?

It is true that it is not always easy to maintain order. Our child tends to disturb much faster than we clean up, and we quickly find ourselves overwhelmed, angry, frustrated... and in the end, we give up!

To remedy this problem, I decided to involve my children, even very young ones, in this tidying up. How? Thanks to 2 rules:


Labels containing the design and name of the toy contained in each drawer.

So, after playing, children easily find out where is what. And thanks to the little designs, tidying up becomes fun, even for the little ones!

As a bonus, writing the name of the toy on the label helps older children become familiar with the letters!

Here you will find the labels that I created and which may also be useful to you.

But before printing them, read rule number 2!


1 drawer/cupboard/bin = 1 type of toy

The idea is to sort toys by type (puzzles, shapes, dolls, etc.) to make storage easier, and also to limit their number.

There must be as many toys as there is storage space, no more and no less. If a new toy arrives, it must replace another one. This rolling may seem harsh, but in reality, kids love it!

The advantages are numerous:

- the child doesn't have too many things, so he finds everything easily (a good way to remedy this sentence: "I'm bored, I don't have enough toys, I don't know what to do!", then that you can no longer see your room under your toys!)

- he learns to choose what he can part with and what he wants to keep

- he learns to give to other children who may not be lucky enough to have enough toys to be able to make a shift!

I'll let you print, laminate and stick these little labels!

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