Would you ask your child to always be happy, available, wise, attentive…? No? So don't ask yourself!

Your child NEEDS to see you experience your emotions so they can experience theirs!

Your child wants to see you act like a human! He'll get over it if you scream, if you cry, if you're scared, if you can't take it anymore.

What he wouldn't get over would be the coldness, the lie you show him if you constantly control yourself in front of him and then hide in your room to cry.

🌟The “HUMAN PARENT” method is very simple:🌟

When your child asks you, and you feel exhaustion, stress,... an emotion that makes you unavailable:

✔️Explain to him in simple terms:
“I had a hard day at work and I really want to have a good time with you. But for that, I need to take a few minutes to rest.”

✔️Use a timer or watch so he knows when your “break” is going to end and instruct him to come pick you up when the time is up.

✔️Remind him that it has nothing to do with him.

✔️ Don't feel guilty and use this time to recharge your batteries.

✔️When he comes back, thank him for helping you, and remind him that he too sometimes feels sad, tired, angry, and that when that happens, you will be there to get through it too.

♥️And that gives TWO HUMANS who communicate! By teaching him to welcome YOUR emotions, you teach him to welcome his own.

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