Laurie Gozlan

For months, I told my husband that I didn't have enough help and that I felt overwhelmed. Do you know what he did???

He tried to get me help! A babysitter from time to time, asking parents, friends, going out together, and doing even more than everything he already did at home and with the children.

Wanting to help me feel better, he tried to comfort me by telling me that it would be okay, that the situation wasn't that serious. He was trying to make me see things more positively.

And here gentlemen, you don't understand what my poor husband did wrong, do you? You're probably saying to yourself, poor guy, what a candy store this one is! (You are partly right 😁)

But there you go, in fact what I wanted was VERY SIMPLE:

❤️Let him listen to me while remaining silent
💛Let him acquiesce and pity me
💚Let him tell me: you are my priority and I will do everything to make you feel good

🙄But the worst part of all this is that I didn't know myself that I wanted that! I sincerely believed I wanted solutions.

By a miracle, I ended up understanding, and EXPRESSING HIM MY NEED to just be heard by him, and to feel that I was HIS PRIORITY.

And I'm very lucky, because my husband heard me: I immediately felt a weight lift off my chest, I felt happy and connected to him (yes because we also want connection 😁) and I no longer felt so overwhelmed! We both organized ourselves as a team, and my god it felt good!

I realized that when I mentioned feeling unwell to my husband, and that despite his efforts I still felt bad, it was because I had not properly identified my need and therefore I had not been able to tell him. communicate.

And very often, the need is just LISTENING! And from listening all solutions are born.

Comment “LISTEN” if you sometimes feel the same way!

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